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1 to 1 Online Native English Learning

For ages 4-12 years old

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Why Us

Why Starkid?

Why Starkid?

Global Curriculum Framework

The teaching materials are prepared according to the framework of the Cambridge International English Curriculum, with rich and interesting content, which is more in line with the Hong Kong education system.

100% Native English Teachers

Certified foreign teachers from all over the world, with a screening pass rate of no more than 5%, are committed to providing students with the best English learning experience.


Safe and Reliable

Headquartered in Hong Kong, an education technology company funded by Hong Kong Cyberport. Use the self-developed class platform to ensure the privacy of students.


Flexible Class Combinations

There's no need for large purchases of classes, parents can choose suitable class plans according to the actual needs of students. There are many payment methods, making it easy for parents to pay.

International and​ Diversified Curriculum


Cambridge Global English Major Course

Starkid uses the Cambridge Global English Curriculum Framework to customize the unique main curriculum, and the curriculum is divided into 8 levels.


Jolly Phonics
English Course for Young Children

Starkid uses Jolly Phonics to customize the Pinyin course designed for young children. The course is divided into 2 levels.


Special Specialized Course Interview Skills Course

Starkid provides a series of courses designed for children to prepare for interviews, and the courses have multiple interview questions.

A teaching model that is popular with parents, students and teachers

Preparing for an admissions interview? Ready to study abroad? Lack of confidence in learning English? Want to learn pure English and American? Starkid's fun and interactive teaching model, high-quality teachers, and diverse customized courses can help your child.

>20,000  English class

>2,500  registered students

>100  A pure British and American teacher

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Parents' Sharing

Mrs. Tang

Thank you Teacher Nicole for your loving teaching! She taught my son in a persuasive manner, so patient and kind! I also appreciate Starkid's courses, learn English and also learn Science / culture to increase knowledge. Thanks Teacher Nicole!

Mother of a 11-year-old son.

Hello, my child did well in the exam, and the oral part was also very good. He got into a Band 1A school, I'm very grateful, thank you all, thank you to the English teacher🥰

Mother of a 5-year-old son

The teaching content is suitable for children, and the teaching materials are beautiful and attractive. For example, if you teach a teacher from five oceans and seven continents to talk about living in a continent, you live in another continent. Teachers often encourage children to use English to answer the terms of life, learn and use them. Zaizai is confident in answering in English.

Starkid students come from different schools

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