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About Us

Starkid is a Hong Kong based Edtech startup graduated from Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Programme and got admitted by Cyberport Incubation Programme.

Our mission is to provide the best language learning environment and empower every student to have a brighter future through education. We utilize all data captured from our online classes in order to generate the most suitable personalized learning materials for every student.

Starkid Milestones


Hong Kong

CCMF Program

Youth+ Innovation

Accelerator Program

Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program

AWS EdStart Accelaration Program

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Native English

Starkid believes learning a language should learn from the best teachers. Hence, the best oral learning in English must be learning from native English speakers. Therefore, we only hire teachers with 100% native British or American accent.


​We have a strict screening process. The teacher interview passing rate does not exceed 5%. All teachers must possess native English and American accent, along with a bachelor degree or above, and at least 1 year or more of teaching or related experience.

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